Our mission is to be and make disciples. Jesus said, ‘Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.’ (Matthew 28:19)

We believe that every follower of Jesus is commissioned to make disciples. As such, we support and are active in mission in order to make known God’s love and His call to wholeness through forgiveness, obedience and relationship with Him.


Each local church is active in making new disciples within their own communities through a mixture of personal evangelism, community events and a dedication to care for those in greatest need.

Here are just some of the areas in which you might be able to get involved and serve the life and vision of our Churches.

  • Community Action
  • Love in Action
  • Overseas Missions
  • Stewarding
  • Audio/Visual
  • Music and worship
  • Catering and Refreshments
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Youth Work
  • Children’s Work


We are committed to planting new churches throughout Cornwall and beyond.


We support a number of long term overseas missionaries as well as send short term missions teams across the world. Across the Light and Life Churches we currently support mission in: China, Uganda, Cambodia, and children throughout the world through Compassion.


Compassion sponsorship

As Light and Life churches we sponsor children through Compassion’s Church Engagement Scheme. Just under 100 children from 8 projects in Rwanda are sponsored by members of our congregations; if you would like more information, please visit Compassion’s website.